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Contoh pidato bahasa inggris merupakan pidato yang memerlukan proses latihan yang cukup rumit sebelum benar-benar dapat disampikan di depan podium. Pidato dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris memang tidak semudah berpidato dengan menggunkan bahasa indonesia, sebab bagi orang indonesia, berbicara dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris saja memerlukan proses latihan dan penghafalan kosa kata yang begitu panjang, apalagi untuk berpidato, yang notabene memerlukan teknik yang begitu banyak dan rumit. Tapi, bagi anda yang memang memiliki tuntutan untuk berpidato dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris maka anda tak perlu risau lagi, sebab segala kesulitan yang akan anda hadapi pada saat anda mencoba melakukannya dapat anda pelajari melalui beragam cara. Pidato bahasa inggris saat ini telah menjadi jauh lebih mudah untuk dilakukan, tentu saja dengan tahapan tahapan yang tak sedikit.

Contoh Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Untuk menguasai teknik teknik dalam berpidato menggunakan bahasa inggris tersebut, anda perlu melakukan beberapa tahapan, salah satunya adalah tahapan dalam hal melatih cara anda berbicara dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris. Hal ini perlu dilakukan karena dalam bahasa inggris ada banyak pelafalan yang harus dilatih supaya tidak terkesan terlalu indonesia. Mempelajari bahasa inggris bisa dibilang susah susah gampang. Begini, belajar bahasa itu adalah perkara bagaimana seseorang terbiasa menggunakan bahasa tersebut. Semakin lama seseorang terbiasa menggunakan bahasa tersebut maka ia akan semakin fasih. Namun, sayangnya orang orang yang belajar bahasa inggris kerap melupakan hal ini, banyak di antara mereka yang hanya belajar bahasa inggris di dalam kelas saja, sehingga praktiknya bernilai kecil.

Kumpulan Contoh Teks Bahasa Inggris

Tema Pendidikan

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

Dear principals SMA 01 cape, all the teachers and administrative staff SMA 01 cape and all my friends from class X to XII.

Before I deliver a speech, I would like to invite you to be grateful to the almighty God, who has given us the grace and guidance, so that we can meet together in this blessed place. And I also do not forget to submit sholawat and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad, who has brought us from darkness into the light to age, so we are always on the right path.

Of a variety of reasons and opinions will arise when we hear the question “Did learning English is important?” Sure some say learning English is important for various reasons and opinions and also there who think learning English is less important and is not important for various reasons and opinion. According to you, it is important whether learning English?

On this occasion, allow me to present a speech on “Learning English is it important ?”

Ladies and Gentlemen

Departing from a question of “whether important to learn English?” How important do you think the English language to learn? We all know that English is one of the few international language that is used in many countries in addition to Arabic and Chinese. English is a language derived from English country then spread through his mastery until it touches the Americas and then the English language used there. Britain and the US who later became a great country that has a strong influence in all areas, making the English language into a language that is often used today.

And that makes the important English is English is a language that has a special status in 75 countries and used in more than 100 countries. English is the international language for business, sports, academic, science, technology, advertising and diplomatic.

Do we have to ask if it turns out English is widely used in almost all areas by many countries in the world ???

Ladies and gentlemen.

Many people in this country do not agree about the importance of learning English, which is of course accompanied by a variety of reasons and their opinions. They argue: Why do we have to learn English? When we still had its own language, the Indonesian language, which is used as the national language and unifying our country. Why do we have to learn English? When we still have thousands of regional languages should we preserve.

However, we live in this world is not his own. There are some things that require communication language in different countries. Therefore, we certainly need a unifying language. And English emerged as an international language we know. To that end, it is important to learn the English language from primary school up to the top level so that pupils and students have the nation’s next international outlook which will determine the future of our beloved country, Indonesia.

Do you still ask “whether learning English is important?”

Not much I can say today, just a few lines above the words that I can say to you on this occasion, thank you very much for your attention and I apologize for my mistakes and I say the final word:

Waalikumsalam Wr. Wb.


Tema Global Warming

There is little doubt that the planet is warming. Over the last century, the planets temperature has risen by around 1 degree fahrenheit (0.6 of a degree celsius). The warmest since the mid 1800’s was the 1990s. The hottest years recorded were 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003.

The United Nations panel on climate change projects that the global temperatures will rise 3-10 degrees fahrenheit by the century’s end – enough to have the polar caps all but melted. If the ice caps melt, a vast majority of our countries borders will be under water. Monuments and great buildings, as well as homes and lives will be under water, including New York City.

So now we know what some of the causes are for global warming, how can we as individuals do our part to help save the planet?

The answer is simpler than you may think. You don’t have to go miles away from home to protest, or spend masses of money. If you try to follow the few simple steps that I shall now give you, you will have started to help us all.

Firstly, plant a tree. This could be easier than it sounds. Join or help out a local wildlife group and ask to plant a tree. Trees, when fully grown, will help keep the planet cooler. On the same point, you could protest against the demolition of the rainforests. This is the same principle, we need the trees to cool our planet and yet they are chopping them down to create roads or homes.

Something as simple as walking instead of taking the car will help reduce pollution. As well as stopping pollution, you are giving yourself exercise, something important for our bodies. So the next time you get into your car, or your motorbike, think – do I have to make this journey by vehicle or can I walk?

When you are at home, and your getting a little cold. Put a jumper on and do not adjust the heating. The extra heat produced by our homes also affects the planet. So try wearing an extra layer in winter.

If possible, buy your fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. And try to avoid imported goods. The more foreign food that we import the more pollution from aeroplanes and boats it will create.

Keeping to the speed limit can also help the environment. The more you speed the more petrol you are going to use, making the pollution higher. Also, SUV’s make about six times their own weight in CO2 each year. A small efficient diesel car covering the same distance not only uses much less fuel; it makes two thirds less.

If possible use solar energy, after all it is free; all you need to buy is the equipment. You can get much of your hot water and heating from the sun and even generate electricity.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Only buy what you need; don’t stock the cupboards with things you may or may not use. Reuse whatever you can, like containers and paper, and recycle what you cannot reuse. It really is as simple as that.

Finally turning off unused sources of power such as televisions and heaters will help the environment, as well as save you money.

If everybody stuck to these rules, we would be doing a great thing by protecting the earth. So please take into consideration what I have said, and try to do your part. After all, it will be our next generation that will feel the effects.


Tema Pendidikan

Dear, Mr. English  teacher

As well as friends who I love and I’m proud

First of all, let us pray together worship and praise Allah SWT. Because over abundance of grace and the gift, we can all come together in this event.

Education is an important element in life . Education has taught us many things , Education be authorized person to be successful in reaching their dreams . Education has been shown to alter the poor become rich , the stupid become intelligent . Education has changed a small nation a great nation . As has been noted by the Japanese .

After the defeat of the Japanese state was marked by the fall of the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima city . Thus , Japan was destroyed . What will be undertaken by the Japanese government ?

Japanese government took the initiative to gather young people who are still alive to send it abroad to study education . The young people prepared to explore the science and then return to their homeland to build a nation , a few years later , Japan became a great country that controls the technology world . Economic levels of society are also among the highest in the world . In fact , the population of Japan is very little compared to the Indonesian state .

From the description above , seharsunya we realize that education is very important . To change the standard of living of ours. Education is not only intended for the rich . Education rights of every person who wants to gain knowledge and want to change lives for the better . Let’s continue to improve our education so that we become people who can have the knowledge and success in living this life .

I think enough about my english speech on education . Hopefully we was raised with values ​​- the value of moral education , education that cultivate our minds and lead us into a people who believe in order to be successful in the world and success in the Hereafter .

Thank you for your attention . Speech errors I apologize most sincerely .


Arti pidato bahasa inggris tentang pendidikan

Pendidikan adalah elemen penting dalam kehidupan. Pendidikan telah mengajarkan kepada kita banyak hal, Pendidikan menjadi modal dasar seseorang untuk menjadi sukses dalam menggapai impiannya.

Pendidikan telah terbukti mampu merubah orang miskin menjadi orang kaya, orang bodoh menjadi orang pintar. Pendidikan merubah suatu bangsa yang kecil menjadi bangsa yang  besar. Seperti yang telah di catat oleh Jepang.

Setelah kekalahan negara jepang ditandai dengan jatuhnya bom atom di kota nagasaki dan hiroshima. Maka, Jepang mengalami kehancuran. Apa yang di lakukan oleh pemerintah jepang? pemerintah jepang mengambil inisiatif dengan mengumpulkan para pemuda yang masih hidup untuk di kirimkan ke luar negeri untuk belajar mendapatkan pendidikan. Para pemuda di persiapkan untuk menggali ilmu kemudian pulang ke tanah air untuk membangun bangsanya, beberapa tahun setelahnya, jepang menjadi besar negara yang menguasai teknologi dunia. Tingkat ekonomi masyarakat juga termasuk yang tertinggi di dunia. Padahal, jumlah penduduk jepang sangat sedikit dibandingkan dengan negara indonesia.

Dari deskripsi di atas, seharusnya kita menyadari bahwa pendidikan sangatlah penting. Untuk merubah taraf hidup milik kita.  Pendidikan bukan hanya diperuntukan untuk orang  kaya. Pendidikan hak setiap orang yang ingin mendapatkan ilmu dan ingin merubah kehidupannya menjadi lebih baik. Mari terus tingkatkan pendidikan kita agar kita menjadi orang yang bisa memiliki ilmu dan sukses dalam menjalani kehidupan ini.

Saya kira cukup tentang pidato bahasa inggris saya mengenai pendidikan. Semoga kita di besarkan dengan nilai pendidikan yang bermoral, pendidikan yang mengolah akal pikiran kita serta membawa kita menjadi orang yang beriman agar menjadi sukses di dunia dan sukses di akhirat.

Terima kasih atas perhatian anda. Kesalahan ucapan saya minta maaf yang  setulus – tulusnya.


Contoh pidato bahasa inggris pun harus dipelajari dengan cara menjadikannya sebagai sebuah kebiasaan dalam bertutur kata sehari hari. Jangan pernah ragu untuk mengucapkan isi pidato yang anda miliki di depan cermin secara berulang ulang untuk kesempurnaan anda. Untuk anda yang belum memiliki gambaran tentang materi pidato dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris, berikut ini ada satu contoh pidato bahasa inggris singkat yang dapat anda gunakan sebagai bahan latihan sekaligus sebagai bahan untuk menyusun materi pidato bahasa inggris sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda.

Contoh pidato di atas adalah salah satu contoh yang kerap digunakan oleh orang orang yang hendak melakukan pidato dengan bahasa inggris. Biasanya mereka adalah orang orang yang memiliki tuntutan untuk mengikuti lomba pidato bahasa inggris. Namun demikian, bagi anda yang memiliki tuntutan lain, bukan hanya sekadar lomba, namun pidato dalam sebuah acara yang sebenarnya, anda pun bisa tetap menggunakan contoh di atas sebagai bahan latihan. Sedangkan untuk pelaksanaan pidato yang akan anada lakukan nanti, anada dapat belajar dari struktur pidato yang telah ada supaya anda tahu susunan apa saja yang akan anda sampaikan dari awal sampai akhir pidato anda. Demikianlah pembahasan contoh pidato bahasa inggris yang dapat membuat anda semakin mahir berpidato.


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